Projects of the Foundation

The Lacey Football Foundation has spent in excess of $400,000 on projects at Lacey High School since its inception. Below are some of the project highlights.
Original Weight Room - 1987
The Weight Room renovations were made in 1994 at a cost of $20,000. The equipment shed inclduing cages and renovations completed by The Foundation after the new locker room expansion.
Heating System, Fire Alarm System and Cages for All Sports Storage

Storage Cages show housing equipment for all sports. Heating and Fire Systems were funded by the Foundation.

Technology Room & Accessories
Technology- Camera and video equipment. This was previously funded through the library budget until that budget was cut. These items are now supplied though the Foundation. Funding in this area has been over $30,000 in the past 15 years. As an example, in 2010 season a new camera cost the Foundation $3460.
Meeting Room & Equipment
Another $20,000 in the renovation of the old garage converted for secure technology and equipment rooms for football.
Secure Room Storage
Pictured – Shelving for off season storage for Football Helmets and Uniforms.
Practice Equipment
Field Equipment - sleds, shields, and dummies. Most of the funding has been cut since original purchase in 1981. Foundation now funds this. Purchases by the Foundation in this area exceed $20,000.
Privacy Fence
  The field was being driven on after hours by cars and trucks and ruining the practice field. The practice field fence installed by the Foundation at a cost of $5,290
Football Storage Building
In order to increase the life expectancy of the pads, a f ootball shed was needed to protect that type of equipment . B uilt by Foundation - $15,000
Track & Field Storage
Track shed materials: 1/2 purchased by Foundation; 1/2 purchased by Booster Club. Amount $15,000. The track shed house items like the hurdles, the high jump mat and pole vault equipment.

The new scoreboard was purchased through the Foundation in the amount of $30,000

New Stadium Sound System 2010

New stadium sound system supported by Foundation - $10,000

Balance Beam for Gymnastics Team
Cost of Balance Beam purchased by the Foundation - $1,600
Net for Volleyball Team
Cost of Volleyball Net purchased by the Foundation - $4,800
Safety Mat for Cheerleading
Cost of Cheerleading mat purchased by the Foundation - $2,400
New Lockers for Boys PE and
Basketball & Lacrosse Team Room
New Basketball , Lacrosse and men's PE lockers (used by some sports programs) purchased by Foundation -$30,000 .
Air Ventilation for Baseball & Freshman Football Coaches Room
Air Conditioning, Carpeting and other needed improvements that were either unforeseen and/or non-budgeted have been funded by the Foundation as needed.
Promotion of All Athletic Programs

The Foundation has always been interested in maintaining pride and motivation. The Athletic Photos (all sports) located throughout the building are paid for by the Foundation.

Team Locker Area / School Spirit

The Mottos on the walls are another Foundation project designed to motivate our LTHS Students.

Records Plaque
The records plaques were purchased and are maintained by the Foundation
Field Sign Program
Our Foundation has very strong support from our local business community as demonstrated by the numerous signs located on the fences throughout our stadium.
Weight Room for all students – ongoing project

In 1981, initial weight lifting club needs were raised by the weight club. Since the new addition, all weight room needs have been supported by the Booster Club and the Foundation. NOTE: This also covers the need of our physical education program in fitness and wellness. Over $100,000 has been funded since 1981 in the area.

Concrete Athletic Patio
Cement patio outside trainer area by Foundation- $6,200.
Speaker System
New sound system for weight room and athletic hallway by Foundation $4,800
Ice Machine for the athletic trainer
The Foundation purchased and Ice machine for the LTHS Athletic Trainer $1,600
Stadium Ticket Booth and Stadium Entrance
New ticket booth and storage building and stadium entrance built by the Foundation . Approximately $70,000 has been spent to date.
Championship Footballs
The many footballs were purchased by the Foundation to remind our players of our long history of Championships.

The Lacey Lion - Dedicated to the Men of Autumn

Stadium Press Box
The Stadium Press Box (new for the 2016 season) features areas for both Lacey and visiting coaching/film staffs. The L.T.H.S. Channel 21 area allows for both recording as well as live streaming of games and events. An area is also provided for the announcers, scoreboard operator and visiting press. The roof is also setup for filming. With the addition of a few other outstanding improvements, the Press Box is projected at a finished cost of $120,000
Stadium Lights
The Lacey Football Foundation created the Lions Light It Up committee who raised $250,000 in two and one half years through local business donations, advertising banners golf tournaments and 50/50 raffles. The lights when live in June of 2019 and used starting the 2019 Football Season.